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Get a clearer picture of sample quality with NanoDrop™ One

Bioprint any biomaterial, any cell line
in any geometry

"A very versatile bioprinter that allows the user to print a variety of bioinks
including customised composite bioinks"

"We are very excited to partner with Labtech to expand our presence in the United Kingdom.
Labtech's established relationships, technical sales expertise and dedicated in-house service team are invaluable to bringing innovative technology to market. Our versatile, easy-to-use desktop 3D bioprinters are revolutionizing tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, drug delivery and drug discovery, and as we continue to expand into new markets it is vital that we partner with distributors that can fully support our products. We look forward to working with Labtech to help top universities and key research labs accelerate their research"

Brian Ikeda, Sales Director - Allevi

Luna automated cell counters


Gold Seal of Quality winner

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