Unrivaled Sensitivity

Founded in 1954 Vilber Lourmat are the European molecular imaging specialists with more than 20,000 labs worldwide using their technology. Their Fusion systems provide better than film sensitivity with the convenience of digital imaging. Vilber Fusion systems are used in the labs of 3 recent Nobel prize winners

Fusion fx

Acclaimed By Hundreds Of Publications

The Fusion FX provides unrivalled sensitivity and flexibility for blot imaging

Better Than Film Sensitivity

Custom made f0.7 aperture lens and sensor with -55 or -90 cooling provide unprecedented sensitivity and capture times


Add up to 7 Spectra capsules for fluorescence imaging as a plug and play upgrade at any time. PadBox allows addition of one of the Vilber UV or LED transilluminators for gel documentation

Built to Last

All metal cabinet construction for long term durability and light-tightness. Standard 2 year warranty

Easy to Use

Automated focus, lighting and auto-exposure . Visible LED positioning system and intuitive PC software

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