An easy-to-use, precision disposable plastic haemocytometer, developed to solve the problem of conventional glass haemocytometers.



Simple and reproducible

Quartz-Grade Optical Plastic

Clear visualisation of your cells against the grids for accurate counting results

Integrated Coverslip

No awkward coverslips to deal with speeding up the counting process


No cleaning required therefore minimising exposure to potentially hazardous samples

Easy to Load

A special chamber coating provides uniform distribution of cells within the counting chamber

Features and benefits

  • No need to use coverslips
  • No need to clean or reuse
  • Reduced contact to hazardous materials e.g. HIV+ sample, urine
  • Accurate, reliable and repeatable
  • Bright and clear grid patterns
  • Quartz grade optical plastic
  • Sturdy and strong
3d rendering red blood cells in vein

Main applications

  • Blood analysis
  • Cell counts from cerebro-spinal fluid
  • Cell culture; cell concentration measurement and cell viability counts
  • Microbiology; bacterial and fungal spores
  • IVF, IUI; sperm counts

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