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Dark Reader blue transilluminators use pure visible blue light as the excitation source and there is NO damaging and dangerous ultra-violet radiation to worry about. As the excitation peak is a closer match to that of common stains, the sensitivity is excellent.

Dark Reader blue light transilluminators can be used for viewing a wide range of fluorescent samples including SYBR Green, GelStar, GelGreen, SYPRO Ruby, ProQ Diamond, fluorescein and various GFPs


Powerful Blue light transilluminators

The Clare Chemical Research Dark Readers introduced the power of blue light excitation for DNA gel visualisation. Sensitive, reliable and above all safe

Safe For You

No UV means no risk to end users when visualising gels or cutting out bands

Safe For Your Samples

Traditional UV transilluminators can damage DNA. The blue excitation of the Dark Reader is safe for your DNA samples even after prolonged exposure when cutting out bands resulting in improved cloning efficiencies. Cool running LEDs do not dry out samples


Compatible with a range of commonly used dyes as well as fluorescent sample types. See through plastic with ease. Amber screen for visualisation and amber glasses for band excision included

A Range of Models

Four models available to suit different budgets and gel sizes. From the compact 13 x12 cm DR-22A up to the large 46 x 30.5 cm DR-196 model

Sensitive and safe detection

Other Products

Flexible Visualisation

Spot and Hand Lamps

High power Blue LED lamps for visualisation of fluorescent proteins and other fluorophores. Unrivalled versatility and application possibilities for plant and in-vivo work

Sensitive Staining

Viridi DNA Stains

Viridi EASY for routine visualisation of bands. Viridi VIVID for high sensitivity applications. Both Viridi stains are optimised for use with the Dark Reader range

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