Smart Imaging

Founded in 1954 Vilber Lourmat are the European molecular imaging specialists with more than 20,000 labs worldwide using their technology. Vilber gel documentation systems are reknowned for their sensitivity, image quality and durability.


Stand-Alone Gel Documentation Imaging

The E-Box is the ideal stand-alone imaging system for your gel documentation. It offers the best sensitivity and speed, and reaches the lowest limits of detection for your DNA, RNA and protein applications.

One Click To Image™

Automatic control of the camera, lens and lighting for an unrivaled ease of use

Powerful Built-In PC

Tilting high resolution touchscreen interface with Magster technology for optimal display of gel images 

All Metal Cabinet

Built to last, light-tight and chemically-resistant design. 2 year comprehensive warranty

PadBox Concept

Interchangeable roll-out transilluminators with unique SuperBright and SkyLight options

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