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MT-990 motorised precision microtome

The RMC MT-990 is a universal, heavy duty, motorised microtome ideally suited to a wide variety of applications in histopathology, materials research, forensic science, quality control etc. With a motorised programmable automatic trim, the MT-990 microtome cuts paraffin, plastic and hard material specimens.

The motorised cutting mechanism and feed system of the MT990 with its robust carriage to eliminate backlash and chatter, are mounted on a heavy base casting to give maximum stability during sectioning.

An optional cryo attachment is available for sectioning from ambient temperature to -140C. See: cryo attachment.

MT-990 microtome highlights:

  • Selectable cutting window
  • Motorised programmable automatic trim
  • Cuts paraffin, plastic and hard specimens
  • Motorised cutting stroke – may also be used manually
  • Motorised knife stage, 28mm maximum travel
  • Feed totaliser, selectable for either total feed in micrometers or total number of sections
  • Separate controller for hands-off operation
  • Section waste tray

Technical specifications:

  • Section thickness range: 0.25 to 30 microns in 0.25mm increments
  • Vertical cutting stroke (manual or motorised): 64mm
  • Horizontal knife advance (motorised): 28mm
  • Cutting speed range: 0.1 to 330mm/sec
  • Adjustable cutting zone
  • Accelerated return stroke
  • Automatic trimming in defined steps
  • Positive hand wheel locking with additional emergency electronic brake
  • Separate touch panel control unit with digital section counter and feed totalizer (µm)
  • Three cutting modes: continuous cut, single stroke, intermittent cut
  • Four-channel memory for storing section thickness/cutting speed combinations
  • Fast coarse feed advance/reverse control

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