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RMC LN Ultra cryosectioning system

RMC LN Ultra is a cryosectioning system option for RMC PowerTomes. LN Ultra will produce high quality, ultra-thin cryosections for demanding techniques such as CEMOVIS, cryo-immuno-labelling by the Tokuyasu method, soft polymers and other materials such as gels.

The high thermal stability of the specimen arm and cast aluminium chamber easily produces sections of exceptional quality. Now with new LED illumination to increase operator comfort and performance.

  • Chamber mounts and dismounts easily and converts any RMC PowerTome for low temperature sectioning
  • High precision temperature control is possible across a range from -180°C to +35°C
  • User defined temperatures for different techniques stored in four memory channels
  • Thermally efficient cryogenic design ensures low LN2 consumption, negating the need for large bulky dewars
  • Externally heated walls eliminate the risk of condensation in the working chamber
  • Ergonomically designed workstation for easier section manipulation for left and right handed users

Image right shows the LN Ultra attached to an RMC PowerTome (order separately)

To configure a working LN Ultra you will require the following:

  1. LN Ultra cryosectioning system (CRY-1001)
  2. Unless retrofitting to an existing RMC PowerTome you will need: PowerTome (PT-XL, PT-PCZ or PT-3D) with antivibration table (GEN-1021) and if required, compressor (GEN-1022)
  3. DiATOME knives : cryo immuno 3.0mm (DCIMM3530) and trim 90 (DTB90)
  4. Static line ioniser (GEN-1030)

Please contact Labtech  for further information on accessories and options.

LN Ultra Cryosectioning system supplied complete with the following:

  • Insulated and externally heated cryosectioning chamber with internal LED chamber illumination and LED backlight
  • Control unit with digital display for knife and specimen temperature and four temperature memory channels
  • LN2 Dewar 12 litre with cap
  • LN2 pump (non-pressurized) with insulated transfer line
  • Four knife holders for combination of glass & diamond knives and optional for diamond trimming tools
  • Cryo workstation with hand rests and tool tray
  • Pin holders
  • Flat specimen holder
  • Specimen mounting pins (ten @ 2mm, 3 mm, 6.5mm)
  • Stereomicroscope mounted breath shield
  • Assorted cryo tools
  • Pump stand
  • Power supply unit
  • Electrical interconnect cables
  • Cryo chamber covers
  • Instruction manual



635 x 635 x 635mm (shipping). Weight: 26kg (net) 30kg (gross)

Electrical Power

120/240V 50/60Hz


RMC Boeckeler is a specialist manufacturer of ultramicrotomes, microtomes and related instruments for the TEM and LM markets with a history dating back to 1941.

Based in Tucson Arizona in the USA, RMC Boeckeler is a privately owned. Their instruments are used globally in many fields including materials science and cell biology, with special emphasis in specimen preparation for 3D electron microscopy solutions.

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