Luna II

Automated Cell Counter

The Logos Biosystems Luna II is a compact automated cell counter with reusable slide option

Features & Benefits

  • Optional reusable slide
  • Save money and the environment
  • Proven technology
  • Data you can rely upon
  • Autofocus
  • Remove user to user variation
  • Compact standalone design
  • Fits into crowded cell culture labs

Further Information

  • Liquid lens autofocus with no mechanically moving parts or servicing required
  • High resolution 5MP camera and optimised LED illumination
  • 3 x USB ports for data export
  • L40001 model includes an integrated thermal printer for hard copies of data
  • Optimise and save protocols for different cell types
  • Digital zoom for a clearer view of your cells
  • Tag function highlights live and dead cells allowing you to assess count accuracy and optimise settings
  • Histogram with cell size gating provides cell size information and allows you to exclude populations of cells based on their size
  • Cluster map shows the proportion of cells in different clump sizes
  • Review and reanalyse data on-board
  • On-board storage of the last 1,000 counts with export via USB drive in CSV format for Excel
  • Save images and reports to USB drive if required
  • Raw and Tagged TIFF images
  • Comprehensive PDF reports with count and viability data, histograms, cluster maps and images
  • Printed data for your lab-notebook via integrated thermal printer in L40001 model
  • Count mammalian cells stained with trypan blue or erythrosin b for viability data
  • Count unstained cells for total cell count data
  • Count beads, insect cells and micro-algae
"A must-have for anyone working with insect or mammalian cells!"

"Very easy to use and packaged into a much smaller size than its competitors! Gives consistent and accurate results particularly for cell size which is essential for our work on insect cells. It is also able to detect very small mammalian cell lines which has proved to be invaluable. The liquid lense focussing system is instantaneous and requires very little manual adjustment."

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