Luna II YF

Dual Fluorescence Yeast Counter

The Logos Biosystems Luna II YF uses dual fluorescence optics and nuclear staining to provide accurate count and viability data for a wide range of yeast strains used in research and fermentation

Features & Benefits

  • Optional reusable slide
  • Save money and the environment
  • Dual Fluorescence
  • Accurate yeast count and viability data
  • Autofocus
  • Remove user to user variation
  • Compact standalone design
  • Save valuable benchspace


  • Liquid lens autofocus with no mechanically moving parts or servicing required
  • High resolution 5MP camera and optimised LED illumination
  • 3 x USB ports for data export
  • Dual fluorescence optics 
  • < 15 second count time when using autofocus
  • Optimise and save protocols for different cell types
  • Digital zoom for a clearer view of your cells
  • Tag function highlights live and dead cells allowing you to assess count accuracy and optimise settings
  • Review and reanalyse data on-board
  • Dilution calculator
  • On-board storage of the last 1,000 counts with export via USB drive in CSV format for Excel
  • Save images and reports to USB drive if required
  • Raw and Tagged TIFF images
  • Comprehensive PDF reports with count and viability data, histograms, cluster maps and images
  • Printed data for your lab-notebook via USB connected Luna thermal printer
  • Count and viability data for yeast cells
  • Brewing, winemaking or research use

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