NanoDrop 8000

8 Sample Micro-Volume Spectrophotometer

The Thermo Scientific NanoDrop 8000 enables users to quantify eight microlitre volume samples at a time with the reknowned NanoDrop ease of use and data quality

Features & Benefits

  • Quantify 8 samples at a time
  • Fast and efficient
  • Direct Measurement
  • No expensive consumables
  • Microvolume Analysis
  • Save precious samples
  • Pipette, measure and wipe workflow
  • Easy to use


  • Quantify as little as 1 ul sample
  • Measure up to 8 samples at a time
  • Broad dynamic range (2.5 – 3,700 ng/ul dsDNA) means no need to dilute your samples
  • Automatic calculation of sample concentration and purity ratios for dsDNA, ssDNA and RNA samples
  • Spectral scans provide information about potential contaminants and overall sample quality
  • Oligo calculator for accurate quantification of your primers
  • Microarray module determines labelling efficiency e.g for CY3/CY5 labelled nucleic acids
  • Quantify as little as 2 ul of your protein samples
  • Protein A280 module for accurate quantification of purified proteins
  • Coefficients stored for common protein standards or enter your own
  • Broad dynamic range (0.15 – 100 mg/ml BSA) removes the need for dilutions
  • Determine labelling efficiency using the Proteins and Labels module
  • Modules for popular colorimetric protein assays including BCA, Bradford, Lowry and Pierce 660
  •  Automatic generation of standard curves and calculation of sample concentrations
  • UV-Vis module provides full spectral scan analysis between 220 – 750 nm
  • OD600 module for optical density / turbidity measurements of bacterial or yeast cultures
  • Method editor allows you to create and optimise your own assays with standard curves or constants
  • PC controlled system
  • Setup individual password protected logins to restrict access
  • Customise user preferences and data handling for individual users
  • Import sample ID lists, manually name samples using a keyboard or use barcodes
  • Export and backup data to shared drives or LIMS
  • Licence-free software can be installed on user PCs for offline data viewing


Minimum Sample Size

1 microliter

Path Length

0.2 - 1 mm (Auto-ranging)

Light Source

Xenon flash lamp

Wavelength Range

220-750 nm

Wavelength Accuracy

1 nm

Wavelength Resolution

3 nm (FWHM at Hg 546 nm)

Absorbance Precision

0.003 absorbance ( 1mm path)

Absorbance Accuracy

3% (at 0.74 absorbance at 350 nm)

Maximum Concentration

3700 ng/microliter (dsDNA)

Dimensions (footprint)

24 x 32 cm


3.5 kg

Operating Voltage

12 Vdc

Operating Power Consumption

30 W

Included Software

Licence-free PC software compatible with Windows 7 or 10 (Professional versions only)


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