Founded in 1954 Vilber Lourmat are the European molecular imaging specialists with more than 20,000 labs worldwide using their technology. Vilber have used their expertise in luminescence and fluorescence imaging to develop a new generation of in-vivo imagers. Sensitive animal and plant imaging is no longer just for core facilities


In Vivo Imaging

The NEWTON 7.0 offers a flexible platform for in-vivo imaging. Sophisticated yet intuitive software allows tracking of tumour development, disease progression or cell migration. A flexible and sensitive system for luminescence or fluorescence imaging


Up to 8 fluorescence excitation sources from blue to IR. Femtogram level luminescence detection

Easy to Use

Fully automated darkroom design, intuitive software and easy to clean design

Custom Made V.070 Lens

A custom made fixed focal length lens with unique f0.7 aperture provides superior sensitivity and image sharpness

Animal Management

Heated animal bed and 23 x 23 cm field of view allow up to 5 mice to be imaged. Optional BIOSTHESIA gas anesthesia system

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