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Automated DNA Size Selection for NGS Library Construction

The Sage Science product portfolio combines pre-cast agarose cassettes with a high-precision, automated solution for the accurate and targeted size-selection of DNA fragments for library construction in NGS workflows

Features & Benefits

  • 24 sample capacity - high throughput capability
  • Meets the demands of core genomics facilities
  • Standardised cassette architecture
  • SBS footprint agarose gel cassettes – use standard multi-channel pipette
  • Built-in pulse-field gel electrophoresis
  • Size select large range of DNA fragments between 100bp - 40kb
  • Most cost-effective size selection solution
  • Reduced cost/sample

Sage in action

Find out how Sage technology is helping the team at the Earlham Institute in Norwich improve their NGS data collection.

It has enabled us to develop a really robust mate pair protocol which we have recently published.

Darren Heavens
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Instrument Control

Built-in hard drive

Minimum sample amount/lane​

15 ng

Maximum sample amount/lane

1.5 µg

Electrophoresis voltage

75V constant, 75V pulsed field

Optical Detection

470 nm excitation, 525 nm emission

Power requirements

100-200 VAC, 2.5 A, 50-60Hz


18h x 13w x 17d (in) 46h x 33w x 64d (cm)


20 lbs/ 9 kg


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