LN Ultra cryosectioning system

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LN Ultra : Cryosectioning System Mounted on a Powertome ultramicrotome (not included)- the LN Ultra provides optimal thermal stability necessary for producing cryosections. – For use with the PTXL- PTPC- PTPCZ.- May not be compatible with older Powertome models; if an LN Ultra is being purchased to be used with a previously purchased Powertome- we will require the serial number of the Powertome in order to determine it’s compatibility- Users with a non-compatible Powertome will require the additional purchase of the current model of the Powertome controller (ASY-1018 in Service Parts Price List) in order to operate the LN Ultra with their Powertome- Purchase of an LN Ultra includes attendance for one person to the popular Cryo In The Sun course within 12 months of purchase(refer to data sheet for more information)