Epoxy resin vacuum sealant

Hysol 1C / Torr Seal Vacuum Epoxy Resin Sealant kit

Hysol 1C high vacuum epoxy glue and sealant is ideal for sealing leaks on vacuum systems, bonding vacuum components, repair of vacuum components and to seal electrical feedthroughs on high vacuum systems. Hysol 1C epoxy sealant is fully equivalent to Torr Seal sealant.

It is a two- component epoxy resin system with no solvents. Due to the low outgassing rates of the cured epoxy, it can be used in high vacuum systems at 10-9 mbar or below. The service temperature range for Hysol 1C is -45°C to +120 °C, which is just above the baking temperature for high vacuum systems. Hysol 1C epoxy resin provides excellent bonding on metals, ceramics, glass and most plastics. It is easy to use: mix two equal lengths of resin and hardener. Bonding can be improved by making the bonding surfaces rougher. The pot-life of Hysol 1C is approximately 20 minutes after mixing the two components. It cures at room temperature and reaches full curing after 72 hours at room temperature. Elevated temperatures between 60 -100 °C greatly reduce curing time. Cured Hysol 1C can be machined, sanded and polished.

Typical applications include:

  • Vacuum feedthrough sealant
  • Electrical insulation of feedthrough contacts
  • High vacuum leak sealant
  • Epoxy embedding of EM samples
  • Bonding of vacuum components
  • Repair of vacuum components or damaged parts

Safety data sheet: SDS 64-002002


Product # 64-002002
Service temperature range -45°C to +120°C
Mix ratio by weight 100/44 – resin/hardener
Mix ration by volume 2.5/1 – resin/hardener
Colour Resin – white,  hardener – beige
Viscosty, cP resin 140,000 – 330,000
Viscosity, cP hardener 550,000 – 870,000
Viscosity, cP mixed 200,000 – 500,000
Pot-life @ 25°C ≥ 20 minutes
Cure at room temperature Up to 72 hrs
Cure at 60-100°C Several hours
Density @ 25°C 1.65 g/cm3
Glass transition temperature Tg 98°C
Shore hardness, durometer D ≥80
Thermal expansion pre/post Tg 39 x 10-6 / 135 x 10-6
Thermal conductivity 0.77 W/(m.K)
Dielectric breakdown strength 23.1 kV/mm


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