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Safematic carbon and sputter coaters

 High performance coaters for EM applications

  • high and standard vacuum versions
  • plug and play sputter and carbon coating head modules
  • unique carbon thread loading system
  • rotary and planetary stage options
  • plasma cleaning stage option


SEM, FIB and TEM supplies

  • SEM stubs, stub and stage adaptors, specimen holders
  • tweezers, probes, punches and tools
  • storage for SEM, TEM and FIB
  • TEM grids and grid boxes
  • and lots more…

Diatome diamond knives

Unparalled quality and cutting performance

  • ultra diamond knives
  • cryo diamond knives
  • histo diamond knives
  • diamond knife resharpening service

Measurable plasma cleaning

Setting new standards for plasma cleaning…

  • dual immersion and downstream plasma modes
  • pulsed plasma and adjustable power
  • unique plasma sensing and control
  • gentle cryoTEM grid treatment
  • TEM rod holder storage

Welcome to Labtech-EM

We have an extensive range of innovative, market-leading accessories, consumables and instruments for electron microscopy. We pride ourselves on our fast and friendly service, supported by a team with an extensive background in electron microscopy preparation. We look forward to hearing from you and being of service…

TEM and cryo TEM products

Grids, Diatome knives, stains, carbon coaters, plasma cleaners, TEM stains and more…

SEM & FIB products

Adhesives, stubs, stub boxes, filaments, sputter/carbon coaters, adaptors and more…

LM & AFM products

Substrates, calibration, cleaning, storage, small tools and general specimen preparation etc…

Featured Products

EM product and event news

New – gold coated slides and coverslips

New – gold coated slides and coverslips

Designed for microscopy, AFM /SPM, nanotechnology and biotechnology applications. They can also be used as opaque light microscopy supports or gold coated substrates in a range of experiments. Slides and coverslips are pre-cleaned before coating and coated with gold...

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New – C30F water-based carbon paint

New – C30F water-based carbon paint

EM-Tec C30F is a water-based conductive carbon paint with finely dispersed graphite flakes (~<1 - 2μm, maximum 5um). It does not contain any  hydrocarbon-based solvents and is fully compatible with high vacuum systems - and even UHV applications when dry. For...

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