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Safematic CCU-010 coaters

HV and LV carbon and sputter coaters

 High performance coaters for EM applications

Consumables and accessories for EM

See our range of Micro to Nano specimen holders and adaptors for a wide range of applications

Diatome diamond knives

Unparalled cutting performance

Measurable plasma cleaning for TEM and SEM

Setting new standards for efficient on-chamber plasma cleaning…

RMC PowerTome ultramicrotomes

and cryo-ultramicrotomes

RMC PowerTome ultramicrotomes feature a new high precision motor drive to give exceptional levels of accuracy when cutting ultra-thin sections.

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Welcome to Labtech-EM

We have an extensive range of innovative, market-leading accessories, consumables and instruments for electron microscopy. We pride ourselves on our fast and friendly service, supported by a team with an extensive background in electron microscopy preparation. We look forward to hearing from you and being of service…

TEM and cryo TEM products

Grids, Diatome diamond knives, filaments, Carbon coaters, plasma cleaners and more…

SEM & FIB products

Adhesives, tapes, filaments, adapters, chamber plasma cleaners and more…

LM & AFM products

Substrates, calibration, cleaning, storage and general specimen preparation etc…

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EM product and event news

New Tergeo-Pro plasma cleaner

New Tergeo-Pro plasma cleaner

Tergeo-Pro from PIE Scientific is a new large chamber, bench top plasma cleaner designed for a range of cleaning, etching and ashing applications. For further details: Tergeo-Pro Looking for a TEM plasma cleaner? Please see: Tergeo-EM

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