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SEMGLU – high vacuum compatible glue

Kleindiek SEMGLU is a unique high-vacuum compatible glue, ideal for micro and nano assembly experiments inside an SEM/FIB system. SEMGLU has been developed for use either outside or inside the microscope chamber yet only hardens when irradiated directly under the electron beam. It forms a strong bond with adhesive forces comparable to those obtained with epoxy-based glues. See the video below for a bonding test showing the strength of SEMGLU.

Using relatively low imaging currents the glue remains uncured – only when focussing the electron beam on a very small area of the glue does polymerisation begin.

Part number CS-SEMGLU-000

A high-vacuum compatible adhesive which hardens under electron beam irradiation.

SEMGLU is shipped ready to use on a stub.

  • Unique vacuum compatible glue
  • Polymerised by focussing electron beam on a small area
  • Ideal for micro and nano assembly experiments

Ordering information:


SEMGlu is supplied as a small block on an SEMstub. Small amounts can be transferred to other mounts if required as only minute quantities are required for each experiment: