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Pioloform support films

Pioloform only TEM support films are suitable for TEM applications up to 120 kV. Pioloform is a polymer-type film which is generally hydrophilic and gives good dispersion and good deposition of particles on the surface of the film. Pioloform is sometimes preferred over Formvar due to its higher mechanical and thermal stability and lower density, which can help to reduce electron scattering and therefore results in better transparency. Pioloform support films are very elastic, comprise a thickness of 5-7nm, are solid, transparent and largely resistant to voltages of up to 120kV

Pioloform only TEM support films are available on 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 300, 400 mesh and larger slotted copper, nickel and gold TEM grids. See the table below for available TEM Pioloform only support films with pack sizes of 25, 50 and 100/box.

Pioloform TEM support films

Pioloform support films are available on copper, gold and nickel grids in a range of mesh sizes.

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Grid mesh Pioloform only TEM support films
50 square Cu / Au
75 square Cu
100 square Cu / Au
150 square Au
200 square Cu / Ni / Au
300 square Cu / Ni / Au
400 square Cu / Ni / Au
2 x 1 mm slot Cu / Ni / Au


If you need a carbon layer on your Pioloform please see our Pioloform carbon films 

Pioloform only TEM support film ordering information

Pioloform on copper grids

Pioloform on gold grids

Pioloform on nickel grids