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Inert gas storage container (Save-Storr)

Micro to Nano EM-TEC Save-Storr storage containers have been developed to store sensitive specimens under a dry and inert gas atmosphere.

EM-Tec Save-Storr comprise a hinged container with a seal, separate gas inlet and outlet valves and an over-pressure safety valve. The containers can be purged and filled with dry inert gas such as nitrogen or argon to protect moisture and oxygen sensitive specimens. The construction allows vacuum pumping of the EM-Tec Save-Storr container first whilst purging/filling it with inert gas.

For vacuum storage see:


Vacuum storage jars

    Using inert gas to protect specimens is preferrable for long term safe storage. The gas diffusion rate is lower than with vacuum storage containers due to similar pressures inside and outside the container. EM-Tec Save Storr specimen containers are available in four versions with 1.75, 4.4, 7.1 and 10.5 litre storage capacity.

    Key to image labels:

    1: Dual locking clasps 2: Clear polycarbonate box 3: Foam seal 4: Gas distribution hose 5: Over pressure safety valve 6: Ball valves 7: Gas inlet connection

    Optional EM-Tec Save-Storr shelves increase the storage area in the Save-Storr 2 container. Made from perforated aluminium sheets with dimensions of 187 x 89mm. The perforated sheets contain 57 holes which enable storage of 57 Ø12.7mm SEM pin stubs with a standard Ø3.2mm (1/8”) pin. The gaps at the sides and the perforation ensure adequate gas flow throughout the EM-Tec Save-Storr 2 container.

    Left image: 13-001062 Save-Storr 2 single-perforated shelf with 30mm high

    Right image: 13-001063 Save-Storr 2 dual-perforated shelf with 2 x 25mm high

    Save-Storr specifications and dimensions

    Parameters EM-Tec Save-Storr 2 EM-Tec Save-Storr 4 EM-Tec Save-Storr 7 EM-Tec Save-Storr 10
    Product number 13-001060 13-001070 13-001075 13-001080
    OD:  L x B x H 212 x 118 x 101mm 258 x 228 x 118mm 325 x 263 x 117mm 325 x 263 x 169mm
    ID: L x B x H 200 x 99 x 89mm 238 x 184 x 103mm 303 x 229 x 103mm 303 x 229 x 151mm
    Volume (L) 1.75 4.4 7.1 10.5
    Gas inlet / outlet valves Mini ball valves Mini ball valves Mini ball valves Mini ball valves
    Gas inlet / outlet connectors 6mm (1/4”) hose barb 6mm (1/4”) hose barb 6mm (1/4”) hose barb 6mm (1/4”) hose barb
    Material Polycarbonate Thick-walled ABS Thick-walled ABS Thick-walled ABS
    Colour Clear Black Black Black
    Compatible gases N2, Ar, CO2 N2, Ar, CO2 N2, Ar, CO2 N2, Ar, CO2
    Maximum pressure 1.5 bar / 0.15Mpa / 150kPa 1.5 bar / 0.15Mpa / 150kPa 1.5 bar / 0.15Mpa / 150kPa 1.5 bar / 0.15Mpa / 150kPa


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