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EM-Storr vacuum storage

Micro to Nano EM-Storr vacuum storage containers are specifically designed to protect SEM, FIB and TEM specimens under vacuum during storage and transportation. They are available in five versions and are ideal for protecting TEM and FIB grids in their grid boxes, SEM stubs and other valuable EM specimens from air, moisture and dust.

The modern space saving design and superior construction of the Micro to Nano EM-Storr uses high vacuum compatible materials to reduce outgassing and to hold vacuum for extended periods. The unique, ergonomic octagonal design is optimised for handling, strength and weight enabling EM-Storr containers to be stacked on top of each other to save valuable space in the laboratory.


EM-Storr vacuum storage containers:

  • Protects oxygen and moisture-sensitive specimens
  • Protects specimens and calibration standards against contamination
  • Sturdy, stackable space-saving design
  • Clear hardened glass safety lid provides excellent vacuum seal
  • Ideal for transporting sensitive specimens under vacuum

For our high vacuum storage containers see: Vacu-Storr

  • EM-Storr vacuum container is constructed to high vacuum design guidelines using high vacuum compatible materials, including vacuum grade aluminium and protective anodised coating only outside the vacuum chamber
  • Overall size of EM-Storr vacuum storage container: 120 x 120 x 44mm. Octagonal-shaped EM-Storr vacuum containers are stackable
  • Hardened safety glass lid Ø100mm x 10mm, specified to withstand 7 bar
  • NBR O-ring with size: Ø85mm x Ø5mm cross section
  • All-metal high vacuum valve with PTFE shaft seal and 6mm (1/4”) barbed hose connection
  • Silicon O-ring to hold pin stubs or Hitachi stub adaptors with size: Ø3mm ID x Ø1.5mm cross-section
  • Outside of the aluminium container is hard-anodised for protection. To reduce outgassing and to hold vacuum for extended periods, the inside surface is made of machined vacuum grade aluminium with a glass lid
  • Maximum specimen height including specimen stub is 15mm within a circular cavity of Ø80mm for EM-Storr models 81
  • EM-Storr model 83 comprises a vacuum chamber of 26mm x Ø80mm
  • EM-Storr is capable of reaching vacuum in the 10-4mbar range
  • The vacuum connection for pump-down is a 6mm (1/4”) barbed hose fitting – compatible with 6mm thick-wall silicon vacuum hose

Storing specimens under vacuum

  • Place the EM-Storr vacuum specimen container on a stable and flat surface
  • Make sure that the EM-Storr vacuum container is upright and level
  • Place specimens in the storage area: for SEM stubs use SEM stub gripper tweezers and push the pin in the holes. Select appropriate holes to maximise storage capacity
  • Check if O-ring surface is clean – if not wipe clean with a lint-free cloth
  • Check the glass lid is clean – if not wipe clean with a lint-free cloth
  • Place glass lid on the O-ring  and centre so it doesn’t touch the protective posts
  • Connect vacuum pump to the barbed hose connection on the vacuum valve using a 6mm vacuum hose
  • Make sure the vacuum valve is opened (turn counter-clockwise)
  • Switch the vacuum pump on and pump down (push down on the glass lid to provide an initial seal if needed)
  • When the required vacuum level has been reached, close the vacuum valve (turn clock-wise)
  • Switch the vacuum pump off and remove the 6mm vacuum hose.
  • Your specimens are now safely stored under vacuum

Retrieving specimens from vacuum

  • Place the EM-Storr vacuum storage container on a stable and flat surface
  • Make sure that the EM-Storr vacuum container is up-right and level
  • Open vacuum valve (turn counter-clockwise) to vent – you might hear a hissing sound
  • Remove the glass lid – it might be needed to pull the glass lid to break the seal on the O-ring
  • Place the glass lid on a soft clean surface
  • The specimens can be removed from the vacuum container

Maintenance of EM-Storr

EM-Storr vacuum storage containers require little maintenance and these simple guidelines will enable you to get the best from your EM-Storr:

  • Keep the sealing O-ring clean and dust-free
  • If the O-ring is damaged replace with an NBR (Nitrile rubber) O-ring size: Ø85mm ID x Ø5mm cross section
  • If the O-ring dries out, remove, clean and use high vacuum grease on the O-ring – but fully remove excess grease before replacing
  • Over time, the PTFE seal on the vacuum valve may require some tightening – do not over-tighten
  • The pin stubs and the Hitachi adaptors are held by small O-rings underneath the specimen plate, if they become damaged replace with a silicon O-ring size: Ø3mm ID x Ø1.5mm cross section
  • If the glass lid becomes damaged do not use it and replace it with a new glass lid. Part number: 13-001050-G

Storage capacity of the EM-Storr vacuum sample storage container is:


Style Product # Samples Chamber size/ overall size Capacity
EM-Storr 81P 13-001050-P Pin stubs Ø80 x 15mm
19 x Ø12.7mm or 7 x Ø25.4mm or 2 x Ø32mm or 1 x Ø38/Ø50/Ø63mm pin stub
EM-Storr 81H 13-001050-H Hitachi M4
Ø80 x 15mm
19 x Ø15mm or 7 x Ø25mm or 2 x Ø32mm
or 1 x Ø50/Ø63mm cylinder stub
EM-Storr 81T 13-001050-T TEM grids Ø80 x 15mm
2 x 30 TEM grids in the EM-Tec #28-001030
GB-30 TEM storage box
EM-Storr 81F 13-001050-F FIB lift-out
Ø80 x 15mm
1 x 100 FIB lift-out grids in the EM-Tec #28-002100 FSB100S FIB grid storage box
EM-Storr 83EL 13-001052-EL Bulk / large samples Ø80 x 52mm
Large samples, maximum size; Ø80 x 52mm or 14 x 25 TEM grids or 4 x 100 FIB grids


Overall size of the standard EM-Storr 80 series vacuum storage container is 120 x 120 x 45mm; the sturdy octagonal EM-Storr vacuum containers are stackable. The maximum sample height including sample stub is 13mm within a circular cavity of Ø80mm for EM-Storr models 81. The EM-Storr model 83L comprises a sample chamber of 26 mm x Ø80mm; the taller EM-Storr model 83EL chamber size is 52mm x Ø80mm..

Large EM-Storr 110EL vacuum desiccator for bulk samples

The large EM-Tec EM-Storr 110EL vacuum sample storage container has been made to the same specifications as the standard EM-Storr vacuum containers, but with a larger diameter (Ø110) and larger glass lid of Ø130 mm

Storage capacity of large EM-Storr 110EL vacuum storage containers:

Style Product # Samples Chamber / Dimensions Capacity
EM-Storr 110EL 13-001055-EL Bulk/large samples Ø110 x 93mm
Ø110 x 93mm

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