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Silicon SEM finder grid substrate

EM-Tec FG1 silicon SEM finder grid substrate consists of a 12 x 12mm chrome-deposited grid with a 1mm pitch on a conductive ultra-flat silicon substrate. The substrate is divided into 144 indexed fields of 1 x 1mm, where each of the fields has a unique alphanumeric label in the lower right corner.  The alphanumeric label is easy to see with a magnifier, stereo microscope and/or SEM. The grid produced is comparable with 25 mesh and is practical for larger particles or small specimens mounted on the substrate in separate fields.

The EM-Tec FG1 silicon SEM finder grid substrate is ideal for correlative microscopy since the position of the specimen is easily located. Size of the EM-Tec FG1 is 12 x 12mm on a 12.5 x 12.5mm substrate. Primarily designed for SEM applications, but equally suitable for reflected light microscopy, AFM and Auger/SIMS.

EM-Tec FG1 finder grid is ideal for:

  • Correlative, corroborative, collaborative and repetitive microscopy
  • Multi-specimen mounting for small specimens
  • Demonstration specimens with quick finder grid
  • Quick size estimation with the 1mm grid

Details of pattern and ultra-flat silicon wafer 

Pattern size 12 x 12 mm divided into 144 individual 1 x 1mm fields
Numbering Each field has unique alphanumeric label in lower right corner
Pattern/labels 75nm thick deposited Cr with 20µm line width, 80µm label height
Substrate size 12.5 x 12.5mm
Orientation <100>
Type P (Boron)
Resistance 1-10 Ohm/cm
Grade Prime/CZ Virgin
Coating None, native oxide only
Thickness 675µm (+/- 20µm)
TTV ≤1.5µm
Warp ≤30µm


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