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Micro-Tec stainless steel vacuum degassing chamber

Micro-Tec VC190 stainless steel vacuum degassing chamber has been designed for degassing cold metallographic embeddings, epoxy resins, urethane compounds, silicone rubber and/or extracting hydrocarbons from samples. With its compact size it is ideal for metallography, microscopy, R&D labs and/or small production facilities.

The pumping and venting lines are integrated in the clear transparent lid together with the vacuum gauge. Both the pumping and venting line include a ball valve for quick opening and closing. The venting line also includes a filter muffler for noise reduction and clean venting.

Cold embedding resins, epoxy resin or silicon rubber mixtures should be degassed to remove air bubbles from the material by pumping and venting. The transparent acrylic lid allows for easy observation of the degassing process – in case of too much frothing, the chamber can be vented.

The vacuum chamber can also be used to extract/reduce solvents or hydrocarbons in SEM samples. By placing the samples in the vacuum chamber and pumping vacuum, solvents or hydrocarbons can be partly removed before placing the samples in the SEM. This can reduce contamination on the sample surface. Useful for adhesives or filters with oil.


Features of  Micro-Tec stainless steel vacuum degassing chamber:

  • Made from robust stainless steel with transparent acrylic lid
  • Integrated vacuum gauge in lid
  • Pumping valve with hose connector
  • Venting valve with filter muffler
  • Sturdy soft silicone seal area on lid
  • Easy process control through clear lid

Specifications of Micro-Tec stainless steel vacuum degassing chamber:

Product Micro-Tec VC190
Product # 13-004190
Inside diameter 190mm
Outside diameter 225mm
Inside height 120mm
Total height 240mm
Volume 3.4 L
Weight 1.5 kg
Hose connection on pump line Ø10mm
Integrated vacuum gauge 0 to -1 Bar (0 to -30 inch Hg)
Service temperature 5 – 70 °C


Micro-Tec stainless steel vacuum degassing chamber is available as standalone unit or as a set with the Micro-Tec  MP950D dual stage oil-free diaphragm pump (Vacuum >50 mbar and pumping speed 60L min)


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