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Safematic large chamber sputter/carbon coater

The LC-006 is a large chamber option for all  Safematic CCU-010 coaters (see links below). It  replaces the standard glass chamber and allows specimens up to 6” (152mm) to be coated.

The chamber is made of aluminium and fits directly onto CCU-010 series without any modifications or adjustments to the coater. Its aluminium construction means that an implosion guard is not required.

The LC-006 comes with a holder for 6” wafers, but other holders can be fitted to allow other specimen sizes and multiple smaller samples to be accommodated.

The LC-006 can be retrofitted to any CCU-010 coater.

Sputtering and carbon coating – scope of deposition

Left hand image:

Sputtered with copper (Cu) for 60 seconds

Right hand image:

Pulsed carbon evaporation 75 seconds


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