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Punches – core sampling

Rapid-Core sampling punches with plunger systems are high quality coring tools designed to cut, core, punch and retrieve smaller specimens of thin and soft materials such as paper, plastics, films, gels, tissue, fabrics, cloth, tapes, leaves, paint and coatings. They are ideal tools for cutting smaller specimens from larger sheets or films of softer materials for subsequent microscopy investigations and SEM/EDS analysis. Rapid-Core punches are especially recommended as DNA sampling tools for forensic investigations and for laboratory sampling applications. There are 15 different coring diameters available with cutting diameters ranging from 0.35 to 8.0mm and a coring depth of 5mm. The cutting tip is retractable for protection and safety – the plunger system mechanism ensures clean and secure removal and/or transfer of coring specimens.

Rapid-Core sampling punches with plunger system include:

  • Robust polypropylene ribbed handle for secure grip
  • Ultra-sharp seamless stainless steel 304 cutting tip
  • Retractable coring tip
  • Plunger system for easy removal of specimens
  • Ready-to-use sterilised disposable punch
  • Colour coded by size

Rapid-core punches with plunger systems are intended as disposable coring tools. However, when cross-contamination between specimens is not an issue, these robust coring tools are reusable after cleaning.
Cleaning tip: clean the cutting tip after each sampling by coring clean filter paper, rinse with ethanol or remove dried artifacts with compressed air.

Specifications of the Rapid-Core sampling punches with plunger system:

Materials: body and plunger manufactured from polypropylene with 304 stainless steel cutting tip.

Length: 114cm
Coring depth: maximum 3mm
Packaging: each, ethylen oxide (EO) sterilised

Product # Size ID OD Wall thickness Colour
52-004904 Ø0.35mm Ø0.33mm Ø0.63mm 0.15mm Violet
52-004905 Ø0.5mm Ø0.50mm Ø0.80mm 0.15mm Blue
52-004908 Ø0.75mm Ø0.77mm Ø1.07mm 0.15mm Green
52-004910 Ø1.0mm Ø0.96mm Ø1.26mm 0.15mm Purple
52-004912 Ø1.2mm Ø1.2mm Ø1.5mm 0.15mm Red
52-004915 Ø1.5mm Ø1.5mm Ø1.9mm 0.20mm Brown
52-004920 Ø2.0mm Ø2.0mm Ø2.4mm 0.20mm Black
52-004925 Ø2.5mm Ø2.5mm Ø2.9mm 0.20mm Cyan
52-004930 Ø3.0mm Ø3.0mm Ø3.4mm 0.20mm Dark Blue
52-004935 Ø3.5mm Ø3.5mm Ø3.9mm 0.20mm Aquamarine
52-004940 Ø4.0mm Ø4.0mm Ø4.4mm 0.20mm Dark Brown
52-004950 Ø5.0mm Ø5.0mm Ø5.5mm 0.25mm Orange
52-004960 Ø6.0mm Ø6.0mm Ø6.5mm 0.25mm White
52-004970 Ø7.0mm Ø7.0mm Ø7.5mm 0.25mm Dark Grey
52-004980 Ø8.0mm Ø8.0mm Ø8.5mm 0.25mm Yellow

Using rapid-core specimen punches

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