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FIB accessories overview

Each FIB manufacturer uses a slightly different angle during FIB milling requiring an appropriate holder to hold the sample at the correct angle. Labtech offer a range of low profile, angled stubs and pre-tilt holders to acheive this.


  • Fixed angle 35° tilt for Tescan FIB systems
  • Fixed 38° tilt for ThermoFisher/FEI DualBeam FIB systems.
  • Fixed angle 36° tilt for Zeiss CrossBeam FIB systems. 

Micro to Nano’s range of FIB holders is designed to hold FIB grids and provide easy access to the attachment posts on the FIB grids to attach lift-out lamellae. FIB grid holders can be used in FIB/SEM systems, but also for safe storage of FIB grids with attached lamellae. The combined FIB grid and specimen holders hold FIB grids directly alongside a standard SEM stub with a specimen. The lift-out lamellae only need to be moved over a short distance to attach them to FIB grids.

EM-Tec FIB lift-out grids provide a secure way to attach TEM lamellae to the grid posts following lift-out. For safe storage FIB lift-out grids can be placed in individual compartments of our FIB lift-out grid storage boxes which hold up to 100 FIB grids flat in the tray. For even safer storage the grid boxes can be stored under vacuum in the EM Storr.

The Kleindiek microgripper systems can be used to make FIB lift-outs of lamellae at ambient and low temperatures. The ACT anti-curtaining stage can be used on any make or model of FIB instrument that lacks a rocking stage helping to eliminate anti-curtaining artefacts.

Pre-tilt holders

FIB grid and specimen holders

Low profile angled stubs

FIB lift-out grids

Vacuum storage of FIB grids

FIB grid storage boxes

MGS2 microgripper for FIB lift-out

Cryo-gripper for cryo FIB lift-out

CLP cryogripper

ACT anti-curtaining stage

ACT anti-curtaining table