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Replacement for SIRA standard

EM-Tec MCS series magnification calibration standards from Micro to Nano are unique, cost effective, wide ranging SEM calibration standards. They can be used for magnification calibration or critical dimension measurements in table top SEM, standard SEM, FESEM, FIB, Auger, SIMS and reflected light microscope systems.

Two types of calibration ranges for the EM-Tec MCS calibration standards are available, both standard with certificates of traceability or optionally with an individual certificate of calibration:

  • EM-Tec MCS-1 with a scale ranging from 2.5mm to 1µm –  ideal for table top and compact SEMs and cover 10x to 20,000x magnifications. Available as a traceable or fully certified version.
  • EM-Tec MCS-0.1 with a scale ranging from 2.5mm down to 100nm – ideal for SEM, FESEM and FIB systems and cover 10x to 200,000 magnifications. Available as a traceable or fully certified version.

The  Micro to NanoEM-Tec MCS-0.1 calibration standard is an excellent replacement for the discontinued SIRA calibration standard (which was using only 0.51 and 0.463µm features) with added advantages. Compatible feature sizes for the SIRA standard are 50µm (5 x 10µm) and 0.5µm (500nm).

EM-Tec MCS series are made using state-of-the-art MEMS manufacturing techniques with high contrast chromium deposited lines for the larger features and gold-over-chromium for smaller features below 2.5µm The gold layer ensures an optimum signal-to-noise ratio for calibration purposes.

Advantages of the EM-Tec MCS series are:

  • Unprecedented precision over the full calibration range
  • All features in one single ultra-flat plane
  • Metal on silicon with excellent signal to noise ratio
  • Wider range of features to accurately calibrate low, medium and high magnification ranges
  • Compatible with both SE and BSE imaging
  • Fully conductive materials
  • Easy to convert feature sizes
  • Can be cleaned with plasma cleaning
  • All NIST traceable or optionally certified



525µm thick boron doped ultra-flat wafer with <100> orientation


Excellent –  5-10 Ohm resistivity

Pattern size

3 x 3mm


1µm ± 0.025µm, 10µm ± 0.025µm and 100µm ± 0.25µm

Line type /  depth

Etched in Si, 300nm ± 30nm deep lines

Line width 

200nm ± 10nm for 1µm pitch lines
300nm ± 15nm for 10µm pitch lines
400nm ± 20nm for 100 µm pitch lines


Better than 0.01°


Edge fiducial markers for grid position finding

Die size

4 x 4mm


SEM, FESEM, FIB, Auger, SIMS and reflected light microscopy


Product ID with serial number etched


Unmounted, mounting optionally available


Supplied in a Gel-Pak box


Wafer level certificate of traceability to NIST


Example of individual certificate of calibration for the EM-Tec MCS certified magnification calibration standard

TSB 31-T31000 EM-Tec Magnification Calibration Standards

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