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Stage micrometers

High quality stage micrometers are essential for the calibration of light microscopes, digital microscopes, stereo microscopes and eyepiece reticules. Patterns are also available for precise counting, location finders and for test patterns.

Micrometer patterns are manufactured by vacuum depositing chromium lines on glass which is wear resistant to ensure long term use. Patterns are deposited on a 16mm diameter glass disc which, is mounted in a black anodised aluminium slide with a size of 76 x 25 x 1mm. They are covered with a No.0 (0.13mm) cover glass. This robust construction protects the pattern and makes them ideal for routine use, instructional purposes, and in industrial settings.

Stage micrometers are available for:

  • Transmitted light with line, cross and graduated patterns
  • Reflected light with line patterns
  • Counting graticules
  • Location finder (England / Halton) and particle analysis test slide

Ordering information – transmitted light

Ordering information – reflected light