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BEL-1 Conductive fluid

BEL-1 conductive ionic SEM coating fluid offers a simple and cost-effective alternative for coating non-conductive samples with a conductive surface layer. Instead of using a sputter coater with a precious metal target, samples need to be immersed in a diluted conductive SEM coating solution for several minutes.

BEL-1 conductive ionic SEM coating fluid:

  • Excellent permeability and high electrical conductivity
  • Water-soluble and environmentally friendly coating agent for SEM observation
  • Compatible with most non-conductive materials and fixed biological samples
  • Based on polythiophene conductive polymer
  • Conductivity: 250 S/cm
  • Efficient in use
  • Dilution, immersion and drying procedures can enhance conductivity
  • Best results obtained with 1-3kV SEM beam voltage

BEL-1 conductive ionic SEM coating fluid needs a 10-20 x dilution when used. Only prepare the amount which is directly needed and do not store diluted fluids. The sample must be immersed and completely dried afterwards using a blower.
Storage of BEL-1 conductive ionic SEM coating fluid should preferably be at 4-8°C, but since it is water based do not freeze.




White blood cell


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SDS00152008001-01 BEL-1 conductive coating fluid

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