Stage adaptors

EM-Tec versatile SEM stage adaptors comprise an M4 screw which is compatible with the M4 threaded hole in all EM-Tec SEM specimen holders. These adaptors are designed to original SEM manufacturer’s specifications enabling access to an unprecedented choice of SEM specimen holders which can be used across multiple SEM platforms.

The advantages of EM-Tec versatile SEM stage adaptors include:

  • Access to all EM-Tec SEM specimen holders with M4 thread (including Hitachi specimen holders and Hitachi stubs)
  • Use the same SEM specimen holders across SEM platforms by simply changing the SEM stage adapters
  • Can examine the same specimen on different SEM platforms
  • Protects your investment in custom and special SEM specimen holders
  • Cost savings for laboratories with multiple SEMs
  • Cost-efficient replacement for worn out original SEM stage adaptors
  • Allows use of one calibration standard or resolution standard across multiple SEMs

Ordering information:

EM-Tec stage adaptors