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Micro heating and cooling stage

The Micro Heating Cooling Stage is a compact, waterless peltier heating and cooling system that can be added to any SEM.

The MHCS system is a stand alone system for adding a miniaturized cold stage to your SEM/FIB experimental setup. The unit has an integrated cooling, heating and sensing system in order to maintain the temperature set using the included Temperature Control System. The accompanying software allows driving temperature profiles as well as logging the set points and measured values for future reference. An existing micromanipulator system can be quickly and easily upgraded for use with the Micro Heating Stage.

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Micro Heating Cooling Stage

Publications download:

Cryo-focused ion beam-induced deposition of tungsten–carbon nanostructures using a thermoelectric plate

CSIC publication 2021


  • Temperature range at air: 0°C … 100°C
  • Temperature range in vacuum: –55°C … +125°C
  • Temperature resolution (controller): 0.1°C
  • Temperature stability (controller): 1°C
  • Intuitive Temperature Control Software
  • Height: 21 mm (w/o dovetail)
  • Pressure range: 10-7 mbar to atmospheric pressure

Mounting the MHCS is easy

This compact device is mounted to your SEM’s stage using the usual dovetail or a specialized mount, depending on the microscope in question. The only additional piece of hardware that is required is a vacuum feedthrough.

Installing the cooling stage is the same as inserting any other sample holder into your microscope. Samples are mounted to the cooling stage using the standard pin stubs common in electron microscopy.

The included temperature controller with accompanying software provides intuitive control of the temperature setpoint. It also allows driving custom temperature profiles while recording the set point, power consumption, and actual temperature. This data is displayed in graphical format and the graph as well as the raw data can be exported for future reference.

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