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Substages and linear tables

Labtech offers the full range of precision substages or linear tables from Kleindiek Nanotechnik. These stages are designed to provide higher precision than the standard SEM/FIB stages.

Available in a standard vacuum version for EM as well as versions for use in UHV and at low temperatures.

For full specifications please click on individual stage images below.

E5AT five axis eucentric stage

X,Y,Z and R travel with +/- 90 deg tilt and encoders

SFLT3310 super flat linear table

X and Y travel

LT-14030 linear table

X and Y travel. Encoder option. UHV option.

LT-6820 linear table

X,Y and Z travel. Encoders. UHV option.

LT-6620 linear table

X,Y and Z travel. UHV version

LT-3310 linear table

X,Y, Z and R travel. UHV version.