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Micro-Tec DM402 Digital Microscope

The Micro-Tec DM402 digital microscope with a large, bright LCD viewing screen is an ideal tool for precise sample preparation, inspection, micro-assembly and education. Viewing an image on screen is less strenuous than using a stereo microscope with oculars and makes hand-eye coordination much easier. The Micro-TecDM402 combine a bright 10” screen with the image sensor, focusing tube and top illumination in a single compact unit. The large 10” high resolution LCD screen coupled to the ultra-high resolution image sensor enables detailed full colour images which can be easily shared with colleagues. The Micro-Tec DM402 also offers photo and video capture which can be stored on a micro SD card. Top illumination is provided by integrated LEDs in the imaging tube and a twin flexible gooseneck with LEDs provides angled side illumination for enhancing sample details.

With a maximum distance of 16cm, larger objects or assemblies can be easily investigated. HDMI and USB outputs are provided for connecting a larger screen or projector or for connection to a computer. The Micro-Tec DM402 includes a comprehensive choice of image and colour settings (including negative imaging) to improve image quality and to enhance imaging details.

Features of Micro-Tec DM402 Digital Microscope

  • Large 10” (25cm) LCD screen with large viewing angle
  • High resolution imaging sensor with 8 integrated white light LEDs
  • Optical magnification range:2-70x with additional 3x digital zoom
  • Total magnification range:2-1200x
  • High resolution image sensor up to 24M (5600×2400 pixels)
  • Stand with 25cm post and twin flexible gooseneck LEDs
  • Photo and video capture on micro SD card
  • Additional USB and HDMI output
  • Comprehensive Image control functions

Specifications of the Micro-Tec DM402 digital microscope:

Viewing screen 10 inch/250mm, 1024×800 pixels, full colour IPS-LCD monitor
Photo resolution, pixels 5600×4200, 5200×3900, 4640×3480, 4032×3024, 3648×2736, 3264×2448, 2952×1994, 2048×1536, HD 1920×1080, VGA 640×480 & 1280×960
Video resolution, pixels 2880x2160Px24fps, 2560x1440Px30fps, 1920x1080Px60fps/30fps & 1280x720P x 120fps/60fps.30fps
Imaging Live on monitor, photo storage and video capture
Illumination integrated 8 white light LEDs in the lens tube. 0-100% built-in dimmer in LCD screen
Illumination, twin goose neck Flexible goose neck with LEDs , mounted on microscope stand, 8 brightness levels
Microscope stand 200×178 mm base plate with 250 mm tall post
Output LCD screen + HDMI + USB + micro SD card (Max.64GB)
Image control Resolution, Sharpness, White balance, Colour, ISO, Exposure, Positive/Negative, Quality & Contrast
System control Push buttons on monitor+ additional remote control
Power AC Adapter 5V/2A/10W with USB output. Input 100-240V / 0.35A / 50/60Hz


Micro-Tec DM402 digital microscope delivered with:
1 x  Micro-Tec DM402 2K HDMI Digital Microscope
1 x Base stand with 250mm tall post
1 x Flexible twin goose neck illumination
1 x Illumination control with 3 in 1 cable
1 x USB cable for computer
1 x Remote control
1 x Power supply cable
1 x AC Adaptor
1 x Transmitted light stage
5 x Prepared slides
1 x Installation tool kit
1 x English manual
1 x 32GB Micro SD card

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