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Pioloform carbon support films

Pioloform carbon TEM support films are more robust than pioloform or carbon only films. Pioloform is sometimes preferred over Formvar due to its higher mechanical and thermal stability and lower density, which can both help reduce electron scattering and give better transparency. The thin carbon film on top of the Pioloform stabilises the support film when working with voltages above 120kV and/or for working over prolonged times on the same area. However, carbon is hydrophobic from itself so when depositing particles, the support film needs to be treated to make the surface hydrophylic. Making support films hydrophylic can achieved with a glow discharge device, plasma cleaner, such as the Tergeo-EM plasma cleaner, a UV lamp or brief immersion in 70% alcohol. For TEM-Tomography applications which could damage or deform the sample, we suggest coating the sample with a few nanometers of thin carbon.

Pioloform carbon TEM support films also offer a good solution in cases where a carbon only film would be too fragile to withstand pre-treatment and/or additional processing. The thickness of the Pioloform film is around 5-7 nm and the carbon film around 7-10 nm. The carbon film is on top of the Pioloform film.

Pioloform carbon TEM support films are available on 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 300, 400 mesh and larger slotted copper, nickel and gold TEM grids. See the table below for details of Pioloform carbon support films, There are pack sizes of 25, 50 and 100 in a TEM grid box.

Pioloform carbon support films

Pioloform carbon support films are available on opper, gold and nickel grids in a range of mesh sizes.

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Grid mesh Formvar carbon TEM support films
50 square Cu / Au
100 square Cu / Au
150 square Cu / Au
200 square Cu / Au / Ni
300 square Cu / Au / Ni
400 square Cu / Au / Ni
2 x 1 mm slot Cu / Au / Ni
H2 Finder grid Cu/Ni

If you dont need a carbon layer or wish to add your own carbon film we can also offer Pioloform only films

Pioloform carbon film grid ordering information

Pioloform carbon on copper grids

Pioloform carbon on gold grids

Pioloform carbon on nickel grids