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High pressure freezer

HPM Live μ developed and manufactured by CryoCapCell is an advanced, automated high pressure freezing system for the vitrification of specimens.  HPM Live μ can be used for the vitrification of a wide range of cell and tissue types – a range of holders enables selection of the optimal holder for each specimen type. HPM Live μ is the only high pressure freezer to enable live correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM) experiments.

  • Automatic specimen transfer in 1.26 seconds
  • Start-up cycle fully controlled by HPM Live μ
  • Preparation cycle lasts 20 minutes
  • User defined parameters
  • 15” inch HD colour touchscreen
  • High pressure freezing data and curves are automatically saved and can be sent by e-mail
  • Vitrification of two successive samples in 45 seconds
  • Optimized workflow using CryoCapsule®
  • Open system and flexible to use – also compatible with a range of sample carriers
  • Remote control and online diagnostics if connected to internet

Rapid transfer in 1.26 seconds

CLEM by high pressure freezing enables researchers to go beyond human speed and relate a live cellular event to its ultrastructure. HPM Live μ is a uniquely optimises the entire workflow of CLEM utilising vitrification by high pressure freezing. At the heart of the process is the CryoCapsule which comprises a special sapphire disc printed with carbon coordinates and a gold spacer maintained together by a polyethylene ring. The CryoCapsule is entirely harmless to biological material and protects the specimen against mechanical damage during specimen preparation.


HPM Live µ is the first high pressure freezing system that can be interfaced directly to a confocal / fluorescence / light microscope to allow the specimen to be examined live before initiating the vitrification process.

HPM Live µ integrates an automated specimen arm with a light microscope by holding the CryoCapsule containing the specimen above the objective. At the appropriate time the arm is activated and in less than two seconds the specimen is vitrified.

Specimen holders and clamps

HPM Live u offers a choice of specimen holders to suit most applications. In addition to CryoCapsule the HPM Live u high pressure freezer can be used with standard specimen discs (3mm and 6mm), sapphire discs and copper tubes.

Each specimen holder uses a dedicated clamp to ensure optimal positioning for the vitrification process.

To configure a working HPM Live u you will require the following:

  1. HPM Live u main instrument
  2. Specimen clamps of your choice
  3. Specimen holders to fit clamps
  4. Liquid Nitrogen dewar (if required)
  5. Additional accessories

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Specification of High Pressure Freezer Live μ

  • Width: 995,5mm
  • Depth: 1064mm
  • Height: 1855mm
  • Weight: 450kg
  • Voltage: 240V
  • Installed power: 7000W
  • Dry air gas at 6 bars/87psi
  • LN2 dewar capacity: 9 litres

Instrument connected to a nitrogen container of 60 to 100 litres

  • LN2 consumption: 25 litres per day, including cooling
  • Alcohol reservoir: 0.5 litre

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Main instruments

To configure a working HPM Live u or HMP Alpha system please select the main instrument and specimen holders to your quote and then add any other accessories from the list of options below:

HPM accessories

For optimal use of the HPM Live u it is sometimes useful to have additional accessories from the options below: