MM3A nanomanipulators and plugin tools

One of the most fascinating experiments in recent nanotechnology research is the precise manipulation of nanoparticles, carbon nanotubes and other specimens at nano-scale. Kleindiek’s  versatile and easy-to-use nanomanipulation tools can transform your microscope from an observational instrument into a hands-on tool.

At the heart of nanomanipulation is the market leading Kleindiek MM3A-EM micromanipulator. The new encoded version MM3E joins the range to give repeateable precision. The MM3A-EM and MM3E are employed in a wide spectrum of SEM, FIB and other microscope applications by adding new capabilities and functionality to your instrument.

  • Cartesian movement
  • Control with iLO software GUI
  • A wide selection of plug in tools
  • Precison and accuracy

MM3E-EM micromanipulator

MM3E encoded micromanipulator

Plug-in tools for MM3A-EM and MM3E micromanipulators

The plugin tools for the MM3A-EM and MM3E can be quickly and easily exchanged with a push /pull fit. The RoTip rotational tip can be combined with other plugin tools to give additional movement and positioning.

Click on the images below for more information on each plug-in tool

MGS2 microgripper

LCMK low current measurement kit

FMS force measurement system

RoTip rotational tip

GIS gas injection system

CLP cryogripper

CLP cryo microgripper for cryo FIB

MIS micro injection system

MTW micro tweezers

iLO micromanipulator control software

To configure a working Kleindiek micromanipulator system you will require the following:

  1. One or more MM3A-EM or MM3E manipulators
  2. A mounting bracket for your chosen SEM/FIB
  3. One or more plug-in tools 
  4. Other optional accessories as required

Please add your required items using the quote buttons below and we will endeavour to provide your quotation as quickly as possible

Ordering information:

Kleindiek micromanipulators for Electron Microscopy

To configure a working MM3 micromanipulator system please add the the model of choice to your quote and then add the appropriate plugin tools, mount and other accessories from the list of options below:

Specimen stages

Please select additional specimen stages from the options below

Glow discharge and plasma cleaning

Safematic offer a choice of glow discharge / etching options for the CCU-010 HV carbon coating unit

Remote control software and Coating LAB

Safematic offer software options for retrieval of coating data for audit purposes or for remote control of the instrument

Head module storage

For combined coating systems with more than one coating head module a storage unit can be used to store the one not in use under vacuum.

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Replacement carbon fibre

Additional carbon thread on a spool