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Conductive and non-conductive adhesives

Conductive paints and adhesive tapes are indispensable for specimen preparation and mounting for SEM and FIB applications. They provide a very convenient means of quick sample mounting while giving the conductivity needed for SEM and FIB applications.

Conductive adhesives:

  • Specially formulated conductive paints and cements
  • Double sided carbon tapes for mounting specimens
  • Conductive metal tapes for making grounding paths


Non-conductive adhesives:

  • UHV compatible single and double sided Kapton tapes
  • HV compatible single sided PET mylar tapes
  • Double sided adhesive SEM tabs

Non-conductive adhesives are useful for sample preparation in vacuum systems and for applications where conductivity is not required.

Conductive adhesives for SEM/FIB (Tabs, Tapes, Paints and Glues)

High purity carbon tabs and tapes

 Super smooth carbon tabs and tapes

Carbon paint – water based

Carbon paint – solvent based

Silver coated copper paint

Silver paint – strong, solvent based

Silver paint  – solvent based

Silver paint – water based

Copper tapes

Aluminium tapes

Silver filled epoxy

Silver, carbon & nickel microtip pens

Conductive lift and press tabs

SEMGlu vacuum compatible adhesive

High temperature conductive carbon paste

Non conductive adhesives and tapes

Kapton tape

Mylar tape

Double sided adhesive tabs

Blue PVC surface protection tape

PTFE high temperature tape