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Carbon (graphite) & copper

EM-Tec metal powders are primarily intended for mixing with resins, epoxies, cyanoacrylate glue and other embedding materials to make conductive embeddings.

Embedding is needed for irregular shaped specimens when cross-sections are made with metallographic cross-sectioning techniques, or for FIB preparation. Conductive embedding is advantageous for SEM/FIB applications since it eliminates the need for conductive coatings and allows for analysing edges without charging effects. Conductive carbon of graphite powder is compatible with the density of most resins, copper is more suitable for viscous and fast setting resins.

Available powders

Material Symbol Size Purity Packaging
Carbon (graphite) C Approx. 5µm 99.9 % 25g / 60ml
Copper Cu < 50µm 99.99% 50g / 30ml

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