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Formvar support films

Formvar only TEM support films on TEM grids are an excellent solution for imaging fragile sections in the TEM, including ultra-thin cryo-sections.

Formvar thickness is approximately 5-7 nm and offers a mechanically stable support film. Formvar is a polymer-type film and is generally hydrophilic, which gives good dispersion and deposition of particles on the surface of the Formvar film.

Formvar only TEM support films are available on 50, 75,100, 150, 200, 300, 400 mesh and larger slotted copper, nickel and gold TEM grids with a 3.05mm diameter.

TEM support film grids are available in pack sizes of 25, 50 and 100/box.

Formvar TEM support film grids

Formvar support films are available on copper, gold and nickel grids in a range of mesh sizes.

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Grid mesh Formvar only TEM support films
50 square Cu / Au
75 square Cu
100 square Cu / Au
150 square Au
200 square Cu / Ni / Au
300 square Cu / Ni / Au
400 square Cu / Ni / Au
2 x 1 mm slot Cu / Ni / Au

Formvar TEM support film ordering information

Formvar on copper grids

Formvar on gold grids

Formvar on nickel grids