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SEM stub adaptors

EM-Tec stub adaptors enable the use of all common types of SEM stubs or mounts in another type of SEM. Adaptors from a base of one type of SEM stub to a top of another type of SEM are available, offering a cost-effective solution and practical advantages when changing between SEM instruments.


Advantages of SEM stub adaptors

  • Easy interchange of specimen stubs, independent of SEM platform
  • Save time – no need to re-mount specimens
  • Can use calibration and resolution standards mounted on different SEM stubs
  • No need to risk specimen integrity
  • Enables collaborative investigation of mounted specimens
  • EM-Tec stub adaptors are manufactured by Micro to Nano from vacuum grade aluminium to original manufacturers specifications.

EM-Tec SEM stub adaptors are available as:

  • Pin stub adaptors for using other stubs in SEMs with standard 9.5mm pin stubs
  • Short pin stub adaptors for using other stubs in Zeiss /LEO SEMs using short 6mm pin stubs
  • JEOL stub adaptors for using pin stubs and Hitachi stubs in JEOL SEMs using plain cylinder stubs
  • Hitachi M4 SEM stub adaptors for using pin stubs and JEOL stubs in Hitachi SEMs with M4 threaded base stubs
  • Other SEM stub adaptors for less common SEMs such as ISI/ABT/Topcon and Agilent/Keysight with plain cylinder stubs
  • Metal slide adaptor to mount SEM pin stubs on a reflected light microscope stage
  • Hitachi SEM stub extensions are made from self-lubricating brass with aluminium locking ring

For laboratories with multiple SEM platforms – or for those who are regularly using diferent brands of SEMs –  we offer the EM-Tec universal SEM stub adaptor set, which includes pin stub adaptors, JEOL stub adaptors (up to 25mm) and Hitachi stub adaptors – all work in both ways.

Note: If you cannot find the SEM stub or mount adaptor you are looking for please contact us as we might be able to offer a different solution or can manufacture custom SEM stub adaptors.

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