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Temporary mounting waxes

EM-Tec TempStick 135C, clear sticks

EM-Tec TempStick 135C is a clear temporary mounting wax adhesive which can easily be removed with acetone. It is widely used for temporary mounting of semiconductor wafers for dicing and grinding. It is also used for mounting ceramics, optical materials, ferrites, gemstones and small parts or samples for grinding, cutting, lapping and polishing. TempStick 135C is a tough polymer-based wax adhesive which exhibits high strength, high hardness and full visibility of the mounted object when cold. It has excellent cutting properties which gives a strong hold and edge sharpness during abrasive operations at room temperature. It is resistant to most solvents, including water. The most effective solvent for TempStick 135C is acetone, alternative solvents are methylene chloride and dibasic ester. Ultrasonic cleaning will improve removal of the adhesive. It is equivalent to Quickstick 135.
EM-Tec TempStick 135C wax starts to soften at around 72°C, its melting point is around 135°C. Attach the work piece when the mounting wax is molten – it sets after a few minutes at room temperature. Once set, machining can be started.

  • Single stick of Ø22 x 175mm with a weight of 90g
  • Tray with five bars of 27 x 12 x 175mm with a total weight of 450g
  • Tray with 20 small bars of 10 x 10 x 88mm in length with a total weight of 300g.

EM-Tec Sticky Wax 70C, yellow sticks

EM-Tec Sticky Wax 70C is a yellow coloured, low temperature temporary mounting wax. It is widely used for holding semiconductors, crystals, optical materials, ceramics, gemstones, glass and other samples for cutting, slicing, lapping and polishing operations. It has a moderate hardness and moderate strength with a melting point of 70°C. EM-Tec Sticky Wax 70C is more suitable for heat sensitive materials. It readily hardens at room temperature and at temperatures above 40-50°C the work piece can be re-positioned. Equivalent to Corning rubber 155 sticky wax. It is chemically resistant. Available as a box with 48 sticks of Ø6 x 105mm with a weight of approximately 145g.

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