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Stainless steel probes

Value-Tec probes are made from hardened AISI 410 stainless steel which offers good corrosion resistance, good wear resistance and high strength. Value-Tec probes have a two piece design with the fine needle tips permanently fitted into a round handle with knurled grip. The diameter of the tip needle is 1.4mm and the diameter of the grip on the handle is 6mm. They are designed for probing, sorting, picking, moving and cleaning applications. These quality and cost-effective general purpose tools are useful for a variety of specimen preparation tasks.

There is a choice of six different tip designs with full stainless steel handles and are additionally available in sets of four and five probes in a plastic pouch.


Product # Type Tip description Handle Material Length
52-001070 VP1.MS Straight Round, knurled 410 st. st. 160mm
52-001071 VP2.MS Bend Round, knurled 410 st. st. 160mm
52-001072 VP3.MS Slight Curve Round, knurled 410 st. st. 160mm
52-001073 VP4.MS Bend hook Round, knurled 410 st. st. 160mm
52-001074 VP5.MS Curved hook Round, knurled 410 st. st. 155mm
52-001075 VP6.MS Sharp curved hook Round, knurled 410 st. st. 150mm
52-001076 VPSET4.MS Set with VP1/VP2/VP4/VP5   410 st. st.  
52-001077 VPSET5.MS Set with VP1/VP2/VP3/VP4/VP6   410 st. st.  

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