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Wafer cleaving pliers

Micro to Nano wafer cleaving pliers are designed for making clean breaks in silicon wafers, thin glass,  thin quartz and similar materials. They can be used for either cleaving/breaking or nipping. These wafer cleaving pliers (also called glass running or glass breaking pliers) include two sets of jaw inserts:

  • A soft set with moulded ridges to facilitate a clean break over a scored line. The white indication line on the jaws enables exact positioning over the scored line
  • A flat metal set for nipping a thin strip along a parallel scored line

Made of lightweight, durable, strong reinforced plastic with ergonomically moulded handles. Overall length: 152mm.

Always wear safely glasses and gloves when handling glass or similar material.

For cleaving or breaking applications

Use the soft plastic jaw insert for cleaving or breaking out. The jaw insert with the double ridge on the jaw with the white line. The jaw insert with the single ridge in the opposite jaw.
Insert the glass, wafer approximately 10-15mm into the plier jaws. Align the centre ridge under the score made in the top surface. The white line assists in making proper alignment. Squeeze gently until the material cleaves or breaks out.

For nipping applications

Use the flat metal jaw inserts for this operation. Place the material flat with the score line parallel to the edge of the work surface, 1.5mm in from the edge of the work surface. Squeeze the pliers whilst pulling towards you, out and down for a clean break.

Removing the jaw inserts
To remove the jaw inserts, place a small screwdriver or thin object under lower rear of the side locking tab and gently. Pry apart.

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