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AFM cantilever tweezers

Micro-Tec AFM/SPM cantilever tweezers are useful tools for securely and easily picking up AFM and SPM cantilevers.

AFM/SPM tips are mostly supplied in Gel-Pak boxes and need to be gently lifted of the adhesive layer. The specially formed tip enables gripping at the side of the cantilever and pulling the silicon cantilever from its packaging. They are available in anti-magnetic stainless steel and titanium in the same design with a length of 118mm. Both materials are clean-room compatible.

  • Anti-magnetic stainless steel AFM/SPM tweezers are intended for standard AFM / SPM cantilevers/tips and standard applications. Satin polished surface. Not recommend for use in or near magnetic fields.

  • Premium titanium light-weight, fully non-magnetic AFM / SPM tweezers especially made for magnetic tips and for those users who prefer lighter cantilever tweezers. Matt blue anodized surface.

50-040001 Micro-Tec AFM / SPM cantilever tweezers

The material used for manufacturing 50-040001 Micro-Tec AFM/SPM cantilever tweezers is a selected grade of non-magnetic AISI 304.

  • AISI 304 is an austenitic stainless steel (DIN 1.4301, X 5CrNi 18-10) and is the most common type of stainless steel
  • Contains 18-20 wt% chromium and contains significant amounts of nickel as an additional alloy component
  • Normally non-magnetic, but becomes slightly magnetic when cold worked
  • Cannot be hardened by heat treatment
  • Can be work hardened – annealing is recommended for relieving stress
  • Good corrosion resistance to most solvents, salts and moderate acids
  • Generally used where corrosion resistance is a requirement
  • Typical applications include microscopy, electronic industry, fine mechanics and laboratory

General composition of AISI 304


Wt. %




18.0 – 20.0


8.0 – 10.5











Properties of AISI 304

Mechanical properties




8.0 g/cm3

Hardness Brinell


Hardness Rockwell B


Hardness Vickers


Tensile strength, ultimate

505 MPa

Tensile strength, yield

215 MPa

Yield stress, o.2%

≤200 Mpa

Elongation until break


Modulus of Elasticity

195 GPa

Poisson’s ratio


Thermal Properties

Coefficient of thermal linear expansion

17.3 x 10-6 /°C   (20-100°C)

Coefficient of linear thermal expansion

17.8 x 10-6/°C    (20-300°C)

Specific heat capacity

0.50 J/(g.K)

Thermal conductivity


Continuous use (service) temperature


Maximum service temperature (short)


Electrical Properties


0.72 x 10-4 Ohm.cm

TSB 50-040001 Material for Micro-Tec AFM / SPM cantilever tweezers 2015-11-03 Revision 1

50-040004 Micro-Tec titanium AFM/SPM cantilever tweezers

The material used for manufacturing #50-040004 Micro-Tec titanium AFM/SPM cantilever tweezers is:

  • Titanium Grade 1 (non-alloy titanium)
  • Fully non-magnetisable
  • Engineering material which is strong, light-weight and has a high melting point
  • Good cold form ability, high ductility
  • Biocompatible material. Cell integrity is maintained, no inflammatory response
  • Good corrosion resistance at room temperature to air and to marine and industrial environments
  • Typically used for magnetic cantilevers or in magnetic fields

General composition of titanium grade 1

Element Wt. %
Ti 99.5
C ≤0.1
O ≤0.18
N ≤0.03
Fe ≤0.2
H ≤0.015

Properties of titanium grade 1

Mechanical properties
State Annealed
Density 4.51 g/cm3
Hardness, Vickers 122 HV
Tensile strength, ultimate 330 MPa
Tensile strength, yield 240 MPa
Elongation until break 30%
Modulus of elasticity 100 GPa
Thermal properties
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion 9.2 x 10-6 /°C   (0-315°C)
Specific heat capacity 0.52 J/(g.K)
Thermal conductivity 16W/(m.K)
Continuous use (service) temperature 350°C
Maximum service temperature (short) 860°C
Electrical properties
Resistivity 0.45 x 10-4 Ohm.cm

TSB 50-040004 Material for Micro-Tec titanium AFM/SPM cantilever tweezers 2015-10-24 Revision 1

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