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TEM support grids

Labtech TEM support grids are of high quality metal and designed and manufactured in the UK by Graticules Optics. These sturdy and stable TEM grids are available in standard 3.05mm diameter and in a variety of metals to suit a wide range of TEM applications in life sciences and material sciences. TEM grid are available in the following metals: copper, copper with rhodium, nickel, gold, molybdenum, stainless steel, aluminium and titanium.

Square mesh TEM grids

Square mesh TEM grids with handles

Square mesh TEM grids – special metals

Hexagonal mesh TEM grids

  TEM slot grids

TEM finder grids

Aperture/hole TEM grids

Chien grids

Folding/double TEM grids

Rectangular mesh TEM grids

Parallel bar TEM grids

TEM grid boxes and storage

Vacuum storage for TEM grids