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TEM finder grids

TEM finder grids, also known as reference, locator or index grids, have specific reference patterns to enable relocating a particular area of interest on the grid. Finder grids are available in copper, gold and nickel.

We offer a wide range of patterns to suit most applications: 200 mesh, 300 mesh, 400 mesh, H2, H7, H6, H15 as well as some versions with handles.

The different patterns have either alphanumeric coding or symbols to quickly find a specific grid square / field at a later time or on another TEM

Examples of finder grids – see Ordering Information for details

Ordering information

 TEM finder grids – 100 mesh

TEM finder grids – 200 mesh

TEM finder grids – 300 mesh

TEM finder grids – 400 mesh

TEM finder grids – 200 mesh H2 pattern

TEM finder grids – 400 mesh H7 pattern

TEM finder grids – 100 mesh H6 pattern

TEM finder grids – 135 mesh H15 pattern

TEM finder grids – with handles