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SEM specimen holders

Labtech offers a full range of Micro to Nano SEM specimen holders for easier and quicker mounting of specimens directly in the SEM.

Increased spatial resolution both for imaging and analysis is achieved when specimens are secured correctly ensuring they do not move under the electron beam. The EM-Tec brand indicates products specifically developed and manufactured to the highest standard for Electron Microscopy using parts and materials that are vacuum compatible. Our SEM specimen holders exhibit no out-gassing or contamination issues.

There is a Micro to Nano holder for all applications in material, life, food, forensic sciences and in semiconductor using a variety of clamping jaws and securing screws and clips. EM-Tec SEM specimen holders with a M4 threaded hole are fully compatible with EM-Tec SEM stage adaptors offering many possibilities to adapt numerous specimen holders to all brands of SEM.

The range of Micro to Nano  EM-Tec SEM specimen holders include:

Small stub-based holders

Versatile vice clamp holders

S-clip specimen holders

Fixed and variable tilt holders

Low Profile S-Clip SEM

Centering vice holders

EBSD and t-EBSD holders

t-EBSD grid holders

Spring-loaded vice holders

Compact vice holders

90 degree and off-set holders

Universal spring-loaded holders

Geological slide holders

Metallographic top reference holders 

C-square multi pin stub holders

TEM grid holders

STEM imaging holder

FIB grid holders

Bulk specimen holders

Multi-pin stub holders

Metallographic mount holders

JEOL multi-stub holders

Hitachi multi-stub holders

JEOL Neoscope holders

Hitachi TM series holders

Phenom specimen holders

Small vice holders

Wafer holders

Multi XL holders large

Swivel-tilt holders

Filter disc holders for SEM / EDS analysis

SampleClamp SEM holders

Versa-Plate adaptable specimen holders

Multiple metallographic mounts

Four-sided clamping holders

Universal specimen holder kit

Smart-Clip metallographic mount holders

SEM  stub adaptors:

Our wide range of SEM stub adaptors enable the use of one type of SEM specimen stub across different SEM platforms.