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We get asked many questions about diamond knives and have compiled some of the more frequently asked ones

How many times can I get my knife resharpened?

DiATOME diamond knives can be resharpened multiple times. Each time they are returned for resharpening they go through a thorough testing procedure to ensure they are returned to you as good as new.

I have damaged the resin around my diamond and now I cannot get the water to come up to the knife edge. How can I resolve this?

The resin that seals the diamond water boat can get damaged by accidental physical contact or undue exposure to organic solvents. If this happens DiATOME can easily repair it and we would be happy to facilitate this for you.  If you are likely to get your knife resharpening this will be repaired at the same time.

How long does a diamond knife edge last between resharpenings?

This is not easy to answer and depends on many factors. The hardness of any inclusions in the block face will have an impact. Trimming with razor blades and glass knives can leave minute particles in the resin resulting in score marks. This in turn will influence the service time. It also depends on how many blocks you are cutting. With increasing workloads diamond knives are having to do more work.

Why should I purchase a 35° knife rather than a 45°?

The included knife angle will have an influence on the amount of compression experienced during sectioning. Typically a 35° knife will produce less compression with a small trade off on the longevity before the next resharpening.

What materials should I avoid sectioning?

Diamond knives can section a range of materials including some soft metals. All ferrous metals should be avoided and will almost always end up damaging the knife edge. If in doubt please contact us for advice before using your knife and we would be happy to help.

How do I clean my diamond knife?

Each diamond knife is supplied with a pack of polystyrene sticks which should be used to clean the diamond edge. Please refer to the instructions on the diamond knife cleaning page of our website.

Should I resharpen or exchange my old DiATOME diamond knife?

DiATOME diamond knives can be resharpened multiple times. This is the most cost effective route to get a knife back in as good as new condition.  We are happy to exchange your knife for one of another type but the exchange price will be higher than resharpening.

Can you resharpen my old diamond knife from another manufacturer?

It is not possible to resharpen any other brand. DiATOME use a unique process that differs from other brands. This method is proven to guarantee an ‘as new’ knife edge. We would however be pleased to exchange your knife for a DiATOME knife of your choice.