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FIB Lift out shuttle

Kleindiek LOS Lift-out Shuttle is an innovative tool that provides a faster, more reproducible and simpler procedure for FIB lift-out. LOS is an intuitive and cost-effective specimen preparation solution that offers greater reliability than ex-situ lift-out techniques and higher throughput than other in-situ lift-out solutions. Combining an advanced microgripper with a precision substage for increased throughput, reduced FIB time and reliable results.

It can be retro fitted to most makes and models of FIB that lack this functionality

In-situ lift-out techniques have become reliable methods for preparing specimens for TEM and atom probe inspection.

  • The Lift-out Shuttle is compatible with the load-lock systems of most SEMs and FIBs.
  • When used with SEMGLU vacuum compatible glue, LOS eliminates the need for gas precursors and thus the Contamination of the sample associated with IBID techniques.
  • Combining LOS with the innovative iLO software control interface enables even easier and faster TEM sample preparation.

Brochure download: lift-out-shuttle

Substage on load-lock compatible platform

  • Maximum specimen size: 30 mm,
  • Travel: X and Y = 10 mm
  • Travel: Z = 3 mm
  • Travel: R = 360 deg (unlimited)
  • Speed: up to 1 mm/s
  • Resolution: < 0.5 nm
  • Cartesian movement
  • No backlash or reversal play
  • Simple load-lock solutions for most SEM and FIB tools
  • Virtually insusceptible to vibrations


  • High-resolution gripper for transport and assembly of micro-sized objects
  • Gripping area: (5 to 10 μm)²
  • Resolution: 20 nm
  • Gripping force: 5 to 5000 μN (variable)
  • Maximum span range: 20 to 40 μm

SemCam (optional)

  • Small camera at sample surface level
  • Allows fast approach
  • Includes monitor and LED illumination

All technical specifications are approximate. Due to continuous development, we reserve the right to change specifications without notice.

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