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Value VRI series dual stage rotary vacuum pumps

The Value VRI series of compact and lightweight dual stage rotary vacuum pumps are designed for a wide range of laboratory, R&D and production vacuum applications. The VRI series include an integrated solenoid valve to prevent oil suck-back when the pump is switched off. The built-in forced oil lubrication pump ensures stable and reliable operation whilst maintaining high pumping speeds. Available in three sizes with 2, 4 and 8m3/hr pumping speeds. They offer high quality, great specifications combined with affordable pricing.

The applications of Value VRI-series of vacuum pumps include sputter/carbon coating systems, laboratory vacuum equipment, degassing systems, vacuum desiccators, vacuum moulding systems, vacuum chucks, vacuum ovens, freeze dry/vacuum packaging and as backing pumps for high vacuum systems.

Features of  Value VRI-Series pumps

  • Integrated solenoid shut-off valve to prevent oil suck-back
  • Forced oil lubrication ensures stable and reliable operation
  • Ultimate vacuum 10-2 mbar
  • Available with 2, 4 or 8 m3/hr pumping speeds
  • Space saving design with anti-vibration feet
  • Compact, portable and lightweight

Download: Value VRI pump brochure v1

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Specifications of Value VRI-Series dual stage rotary pumps

Model Value VRI-2 Value VRI-4 Value VRI-8
Product number 60-004020 60-004040 60-004080
Pumping speed 2 m3/hr
0.55 L/sec
4 m3/hr
1.1 L/sec
8 m3/hr
2.2 L/Sec
Ultimate Vacuum

3 x 10-2  mbar (3 Pa)

Vacuum inlet

KF 16




KF 16



Solenoid valve




Service temperature

5 – 40 °C

Noise level at vacuum <62dB <62dB <65dB
Oil capacity 0.2L 0.3L 0.5L
Oil type

P3 vacuum oil

Motor speed

1440 rpm

Power requirements 250W/230V/50Hz 370W/230V/50Hz 550W/230V/50Hz
Dimensions (L x W x H) 318x124x234 mm 337x138x244 mm 395x145x257 mm
Weight 9 kg 11 kg 17 kg
Service-Kit 60-004022 60-004042 60-004082

EM-Tec oil mist filters for rotary vacuum pumps

EM-Tec oil mist filter are useful for eliminating or reducing oil mist emitted by single or dual stage rotary vacuum pumps. They can be used with Value VRI pumps with a capacity ranging from 2 – 8 m3/hr. They are also compatible with other rotary vacuum pumps which are used for lab equipment such as SEMs, mass spectrometers, sputter coaters, small vacuum ovens and drying systems. They are equipped with cartridges which can be replaced as needed. For easy connection they comprise KF/NW 16 or KF/NW 25 standard vacuum flanges.

EM-Tec oil anti-vibration pads for rotary vacuum pumps

TEM-Tec anti-vibration pads are made from  two layers of NBR rubber; 2mm thick solid NBR rubber attached to 1 mm thick closed-cell foam rubber for optimum dampening result. These pads can be used for table-top and floor-standing rotary vacuum pumps. . They are available in two sizes:

  • 300 x 150 x 14mm (LxWxH) for smaller vacuum pumps such as Value VRI pumps
  • 380 x 200 x 14mm (LxWxH) for larger rotary vacuum pumps


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