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Universal laboratory vice with bench clamp

The EM-Tec 3-360 universal laboratory vice is ideal for a range of specimen preparation and specimen examination tasks. Examples include cutting off parts to reduce sample size or for positioning of samples for a stereo microscope with boom stand.
The clamping width is 75mm with a maximum clamping opening of 50mm. Included are protective rubber vice sleeves to minimise surface damage and for handling delicate samples. The EM-Tec 3-360 universal laboratory vice can be easily clamped to laboratory tables or benches up to 60mm in thickness. Integrated protective rubber pads avoid damaging of the table or bench top. A full 360 degrees rotation allows for optimum positioning. 45 and 90 degree tilting enables accurate cross-cutting and/or angled views.


Specifications of EM-Tec 3-360 universal laboratory vice with bench clamp 

Product number


Vice clamp width


Maximum vice clamp opening



360 degrees


One side -45 degrees; opposite side -90 degrees


Die cast zinc alloy/steel /protective rubber

Maximum bench thickness

60 mm

Height above bench

170 mm

Total height

330 mm


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