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Preparation tiles and mats

Specimen preparation is an integral part of all disciplines in microscopy. For specimens which have to be cut, processed and prepared, it is imperative to work on a clean, smooth and contamination-free, dedicated preparation surface, appropriate for the task in hand. Dedicated preparation surfaces protect your tools and/or the lab bench. Standard laboratory bench surfaces are not always ideal for specimen preparation and can be easily damaged with cutting tools.

Micro-Tec selection of preparation tiles, trimming boards and cutting mats offer a comprehensive choice of specimen preparation surfaces for a wide range of applications:


  • Micro-Tec PrepTile are highly polished black granite preparation tiles in 15 x 15cm and 30 x 30cm
  • Micro-Tec PrepBoard is a smooth and sturdy white polyethylene cutting board; size is 29.5 x 24.5cm
  • Micro-tec PrepPlate is a smooth hardened clear glass plate with a size of 36 x 26cm
  • Micro-Tec PrepMat are self-healing blue cutting mats in A5 and A4 formats for cutting and specimen coring


Product # Name Material Size Colour Description
15-008015 Micro-Tec PrepTile 15 Granite 15 x 15cm Black Smooth level surface
15-008045 PrepBoard Polyethylene 29.5 x 24.5cm White Smooth, cutting support
15-008054 Wel-Tech cutting mat PVC 15 x 20cm Green Self-healing cutting surface
15-008051 Wel-Tech small cutting mat PVC 6.3 x 7.6cm Green Self-healing cutting surface
15-008055 PrepMat A5 PVC 23 x 19cm Blue Self-healing cutting surface
15-008065 PrepMat A4 PVC 30 x 22cm Blue Self-healing cutting surface


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